Inspiring Model Is Back in Front of the Camera After Losing Leg: 'It's Kind of Like My Jewelry Piece'

Lauren Wasser did not know if she'd be accepted in the modeling industry again, but she's back with a vengeance.

One in-demand model is ready to make her mark on the fashion industry but it's been a long journey back to the catwalk.

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Four years ago, Lauren Wasser was on the brink of death. One night a bad case of the flu turned out to be the potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome.

While in the hospital, doctors had to amputate her right leg to save her life, which left Wasser feeling like her modeling days were over.

“My whole identity was really stripped from me,” the 28-year-old told Inside Edition.

She added: “I didn’t think I was ever going to be accepted into the world, let alone the modeling industry.”

Slowly picking up the pieces, she got back in front of the camera. Now, she is modeling for fashion powerhouse Kenneth Cole.

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“I had to get okay with myself and accept this new me,” she said.

Wasser says she has come a long way, embracing every step of her journey.

“I just got my gold leg. It’s kind of like my jewelry piece,” she said.

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