Meeting of the Minds: Ivanka Trump Sits In on Her Father's National Security Summit

The fashion designer was Trump's only child that attended the meeting.

Donald Trump gathered advisers for a meeting in Trump Tower Wednesday on national security — and his daughter, Ivanka, joined him.

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Ivanka sat in on the summit with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, among others.

The billionaire’s 34-year-old daughter, who runs her own fashion empire, has no national security experience. None of Trump's other children were involved in the meeting. 

Trump posted about the meeting on Instagram, saying: “This afternoon - I hosted a very informative #national #security roundtable at Trump Tower. I assure you -- with a Trump Administration, we will make the #safety & security of our nation a top priority. We will MAKE #AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!"

Not involved in the meeting was Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence. He was campaigning in Nevada.

The roundtable discussion was held several hours before the Republican nominee received his first classified intelligence briefing.

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Arriving with a motorcade at 26 Federal Plaza, Trump brought along retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to that meeting.

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