Wandering Duck Becomes Best Friend to Dog That's Been Depressed for 2 Years

The pup doesn't normally let others show affection, but he lets the duck sleep in his bed, and even rest his bill on his furry leg.

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but this duck is changing the life of a pup, who has been severely depressed since losing his best friend two years ago.

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George the dog lives on a farm in Corryton, Tennessee.

Ever since his best friend Blackie the Lab died two years ago, his owner, Jacquie Litton, said George has been severely depressed.

"He doesn't eat, he starves himself, and he has anxiety," Litton said in an interview with WVLT. "He has a multitude of skin conditions from chewing on himself."

But earlier this week, the woman noticed a duck wander onto her property, and the quacking creature hit it off with George right away, despite their obvious differences.

"Since the duck showed up he's been okay," Litton said.

Immediately, the two animals were inseparable. George, who doesn't often let others show affection, welcomes the duck into his bed, and even cuddles with his beaked bedfellow by letting him rest his bill on his furry leg.

"It's his buddy," Litton said. "George loves him."

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Now, Litton said she's planning on redoing parts of her farm to better accommodate her beloved dog's best friend — including installing a bigger bird bath, and coming up with a better way to manage the duck's droppings.

"They're totally different species and found comfort in each other," Litton said.

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