College Choir Gives Incredible Performance on Plane After Flight Attendant Asks Them to Sing

"Everybody was clapping," Johnna Phillips, co-director of the choir, told Thursday. "They loved it."

Now this is some classy in-flight entertainment.

A group of students from Lee University Campus Choir, based in Cleveland, Tennessee, were aboard a Delta flight when they broke out into a beautiful rendition of the hymn "I Love You, Lord."

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Footage taken aboard the plane shows the 55 students captivating other passengers while their conductor instructs them from the middle of a row of seats.

"Everybody was clapping," Johnna Phillips, co-director of the choir, told Thursday. "They loved it."

The group was flying from Atlanta to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands as part of a ministry trip, and they were wearing matching t-shirts at the time, Phillips said.

One of the flight attendants noticed the shirts and asked if they could sing. The choir didn't even flinch. 

They'll sing "in a McDonald's," Phillips said. "We’ll sing anywhere that they like us to sing."

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But the performance wasn't the only impressive part of the trip. While the students were in Tortola, they worked with a church, a bible school and daycare and carried out numerous service projects.

"We did cleanup work for their elementary school," Phillips said. "We cleaned out their landscaping beds. We did a lot of weeding and we painted."

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