Rescuers Work to Save 2 Dogs Locked in Scorching Car: 'They Were Panting, Shaking, Scratching'

One of the men finally shattered the window with a golf club.

Two Michigan men took it upon themselves to rescue a pair of pups sweltering inside a locked car parked at a suburban shopping mall.

The dogs were left for at least 45 minutes in temperatures that soared above 100 degrees, the men said.

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“They were panting, shaking, scratching at the window trying to get out,” Andrew Muzsall told Inside Edition.

They tried to break a window and were ultimately successful after swinging a golf club at the glass.

Inside, the dogs were in pretty bad shape. One was lying on its back, overcome by the heat.

They were given water and quickly perked up.

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Police arrested the dogs’ owner when she returned to her car, and animal control authorities took possession of the animals.

They were put up for adoption and now have a new home.

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