Gutsy Grandfather, 80, Jumps on Pickup Truck to Stop Thieves Stealing His Bike

Jerry Sebranke was pretty banged up as a result of his efforts.

A bicycle thief got quite a surprise when his elderly victim tried to turn the tables on him, leaping onto his pickup truck in a valiant effort to get his wheels back.

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Florida resident Jerry Sebranke, 80, was reading his morning newspaper inside his local bank last month when he spotted a thief taking his bike and tossing it into the back of his pickup truck.

He told Inside Edition: "I ran out and jumped on the truck, I started hollering, 'Hey he's stealing my bike!'"

Sebranke, a former drag racer, was no stranger to wild rides.

“My choice was to say goodbye or jump on the back end,” he said. “I thought I could pull myself up and over and get in the back of the truck but the truck was moving, accelerating too much. I didn't have the strength to pull myself up.”

But eventually, the grandfather had to let go after he got tossed to the ground.

“I just stepped off onto the asphalt and immediately started rolling around on the asphalt. Got banged up,” he said.

Sebranke said he was bleeding profusely as a witness called 911 to report what happened.

“Blood was just pouring off my face,” he said.

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He wasn't seriously injured, but his bike has not been recovered.

Struck by the situation, the kind-hearted folks at the bank bought him a new bike in a presentation attended by the medics who treated Sebranke, as well as the man’s family and friends.

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