School of Croc: Police on the Hunt for Vandals Caught Throwing 3 Crocodiles Into High School

"It's likely that each of the crocs will need to be put down," officials said.

Australian police are on the hunt for vandals who are accused of throwing three crocodiles into a school through a broken window.

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Four shirtless males were caught on surveillance footage early Sunday morning, breaking a window of Taminmin College, a high school in the town of Humpty Doo.

They then forced three female crocodiles, who had their jaws taped shut, into the office through the opening.

The shirtless males then proceeded to enter through the doors and ransack the office, tossing a computer and other documents on the floor before fleeing the scene.

The saltwater crocodiles continued to roam the school until Northern Territory police and Parks and Wildlife rangers were able to remove the reptiles.

While saltwater crocodiles are some of the most dangerous animals in the county, they apparently posed no threat to officials since their jaws were taped shut.

In fact, the park ranger who responded to the scene was concerned for the health of the animals. The species is protected in the region.

"They're in very poor shape, they haven't seen water for a long time, they're undernourished," Senior Constable David Gregory of the Northern Territory Police said in a statement.

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In a statement to, the Parks and Wildlife Commission said the crocodiles were assessed by a veterinarian and animal welfare officers on Monday before being transported to a local crocodile farm.

"It's likely that each of the crocs will need to be put down, although the final decision rests with the farm, which has its own vet," an official said. "If any of the crocs survive they'll likely become breeding stock, if that's what the farm decides."

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