Toddler Miraculously Survives in Pocket of Air Beneath Overturned Boat

A Florida toddler is safe after spending an hour floating under a boat after it crashed.

A Florida toddler survived while trapped in a pocket of air beneath a boat in an astonishing turn of events after the vessel overturned following a crash over the weekend.

The 23-month-old girl's family was returning from dinner when their boat apparently struck power lines, causing it to flip over and send its passengers plunging into the Indian River in Brevard County on Saturday.

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While authorities were quickly able to save Tammy Bossard — the child's mother — another adult and the toddler's infant sibling, the girl herself somehow remained out of reach.

"I’m in the river. My boat crashed and I have a baby still in the water," Bossard told the 911 operator in a frantic call. "Please, God, send someone now."

It took rescuers nearly an hour to finally find the little girl.

And for all that time, she'd stayed afloat with her head above water inside an air pocket beneath the capsized boat.

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"We heard [her] crying and we couldn't find her," Bossard told reporters after the terrifying crash. "I jumped in the water and tried to search but couldn't hear where the crying was coming from."

Rescuers pulled out the child out from under the boat and got her to paramedics for treatment. She was wearing a life jacket and was in good condition along with the rest of her family, the Cocoa Police Department said in a statement.

All were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Police said the girl was in good condition. Cocoa police photos taken after the girl's rescue show Bossard was allowed to cradle her daughter in her arms, apparently just after she was pulled from the water.

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