Pregnant Women Refuse to Leave Miami Homes Amid Zika Fears: 'I Haven't Been Outside in 3 Weeks'

Pregnant woman are taking extraordinary precautions.

Across Miami, pregnant women are living in fear of the Zika virus.

Lauren Allen is six months pregnant and has barricaded herself inside her home in fear of the terrible birth defects that Zika can cause.

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“I haven't been outside in three weeks,” she told Inside Edition.

She and her husband are not taking any chances with their unborn son.

“We have two bug zappers inside the home, one in our common area, one in our bedroom. We sleep with a mosquito net at night because I was bitten a few weeks ago in the night by a mosquito. We have a misting system outside our house that sprays organic pesticide three times a day,” she said.

The 30-year-old said she is beyond bored while trapped inside her home, but added: "This just feels like this is what I can do right now to continue to keep him safe."

Amanda and Alex Paradiz are expecting their first child. Amanda gave up her full-time sales job and is working from home.

“We're supposed to be enjoying this time, picking out things for the nursery and we can barely leave the house without concern,” the 35-year-old soon-to-be-mom said.

Her husband said: “Most people might find it ridiculous but for us, now that we're pregnant it's a game changer.”

Dr. Ellen Schwartzbard, an OBGYN at South Miami Hospital, is telling her pregnant patients to stay indoors as much as possible.

"You do not want to be outside unnecessarily," she cautioned.  

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There are 36 confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Miami. The hot zones are confined to a 20-block area in Miami Beach and also the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood.

Children in the Miami area returned to school Monday. The kids have been given mosquito repellent and protective clothing — a white long sleeve shirt and tan pants — not normal attire for South Florida in August.

The outbreak is being fought block by block with bug spray. In February, Florida declared a state of emergency due to the virus. 

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