There's Trouble Afoot: Ivanka Trump Rejects Claims She Ripped Off Shoe Design

She's hitting back at claims she copied an Italian shoe designer to create cheaper knockoffs.

Ivanka Trump is hitting back at claims that she ripped off Italian shoe designer Aquazzura and produced a cheaper knockoff.

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The lawsuit was filed in June by Aquazzura, Trump responded to the suit on Friday. 

The Ivanka shoe in question is called the "Hettie." The Italian designer says Ivanka's shoe is "virtually an exact copy" of its design, called the "wild thing."

One difference, Ivanka's shoe retails at $144.95, while Aquazzura’s costs $785.

The shoes are both red and feature tassels and pom-poms by the ankles and feet. They are also open around the top of the foot and by the toes, acting as an elegant sandal. 

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Ivanka denies ripping off the Italian design saying: "The shoe in question is representative of a trending fashion style... There are similar styles made by several major brands.”

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