Wingsuit Daredevil Killed After Crashing Into Tree in Stunt Gone Wrong

It's a sad end for the thrill-seeker who reached speeds of 155 mph when he donned the wingsuit.

The stuntman who pioneered the wingsuit and BASE jumping has died after crashing into a tree in the French Alps.

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Alexander Polli, 31, was known to soar like an eagle in his wingsuit. The Italian-Norwegian citizen crashed into a tree Monday while jumping in the Couloir Ensa near Chamonix.

The area where he died is popular with BASE jumpers.

"It's a location where there are a lot of accidents," a PGHM rescuer named Mercer told NBC News.

Polli became a YouTube sensation in 2013 when he flew through the narrow opening of the so-called “Batman Cave" in Montserrat, Spain, while reaching speeds of 155 miles an hour.

Polli had not updated his Twitter feed since December 2015, however, he did have a catchphrase in his bio which read: “Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose to live with no regret.”

Many of Polli’s colleagues paid tribute to him following the announcement of his passing.

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The World Wingsuit League posted on their Facebook page: “Alex was known for his hard-core proximity lines and that legacy continues to inspire new generations of jumpers for years to come.”

Viewpoint Film, who worked with Polli in the past, took to Twitter to say: “Rest in peace big man.”

Saddened to hear a good friend Alexander Polli died yesterday doing waht he loved. Rest in peace big man.

— Viewpoint Film (@Viewpoint_Film) August 23, 2016

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