After Woman's Death at Cliff, Experts Warn Against Flip-Flops at National Parks

Lorena Barrera reportedly tripped over her own footwear and plunged to her death.

After a woman plunged to her death from the top of a California cliff when she reportedly tripped on her flip-flops, authorities are warning against wearing the footwear in rugged terrain.

Lorena Barrera, 21, was celebrating her first day in the Golden State after moving from Nevada when she tried to take a selfie at the edge of a San Pedro overhang.

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Instead, she plunged about 100 feet to her death and became the third sightseer to die this month at the dangerous site.

A review by Inside Edition found that dozens of tourists are killed each year when they fall from wet, slippery surfaces. And a website for Yosemite National Park makes it clear that summer shoes have no place on a nature trail.

“Do not pack flip-flops and think you can hike in them – you are asking for trouble,” the warning states.

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The scenic outlook in San Pedro also has warning signs telling visitors to stay behind a barrier wall and avoid the rugged terrain.

But those posts are often ignored by people who climb over the fence to get a better view.

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