Meet the Randy Realtor Who Used Client's Home for 'Passionate Rendezvous'

Neighbors called cops after they spotted a flashlight in the supposedly empty house.

A 22-year-old realtor faces accusations that she allegedly used a client’s house as her personal love shack.

After Kayla Seloff sold a house Friday in Friendswoods, Texas, she returned to the empty home with a friend, Joshua Leal, 27, for what cops are calling a "passionate rendezvous."

The two were busted when a neighbor saw a flashlight coming from the house. He called the police.

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According to reports, the couple initially said they were married and had just bought the house the day before.

Seloff and her friend with benefits were charged with trespassing after the owner of the house filed charges. Their bonds were set at $1,000.

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This isn't the first time real estate agents have been caught in a comprising position,

Two years ago, realtors Bob Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan were taped having romantic interludes at least 13 times at a house that Lindsay was trying to sell in New Jersey. What the couple did not know was that the homeowners installed cameras inside the home which led to their bust. 

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