Cop Suspended After Eating Burger Instead of Helping Fellow Officer With Suspect

When the Whataburger manager asked the cop if he was there to help, he allegedly said no, he was there to eat.

A Texas cop was suspended for 30 days after he refused to help a fellow officer with a disturbance, opting instead to walk past his struggling brother in blue and grab a burger, according to reports.

Officer Gary Nel with the San Antonio Police Department reportedly pulled up to a Whataburger off of Northwest Loop 410 one July night as another cop dealt with an intoxicated and disruptive man.

When the restaurant’s manager asked Nel if he was there to respond to the disturbance, he allegedly said he was there to eat, KENS5 reported.

Instead of lending a hand, Nel went inside and placed an order.

The other officer on the scene was forced to call backup as he scuffled with the suspect.

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Cops eventually arrested the suspect as Nel munched on a burger inside, suspension papers viewed by the news station said.

Nel reportedly told Internal Affairs that nothing happened, saying he was eating and he saw two officers outside with a person who was already handcuffed.

The lack of force is a departure from the kind of behavior that has gotten Nel into trouble in the past, as the officer was suspended in March for 40 days after cursing out an off-duty cop during a traffic stop, according to suspension paperwork.

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He allegedly later threatened the officer over texts to another cop, writing: “… tell that little s***, if I get days for letting him go, I will track his a** down and beat the f*** out of him,” the paperwork said.

After Nel was allegedly caught on camera in 2015 body slamming a DUI suspect onto the hood of a patrol vehicle, he was transferred out of the department’s DWI Traffic Unit, according to reports.

In footage captured by a KENS 5 camera on the scene, Nel could be heard saying: ‘[Expletive] spit on me like that I will [expletive] break your neck. Do you understand me?”

In another instance, Nel was suspended for failing to properly search a suspect after drugs were found on a perpetrator, according to reports.

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