Canine and Raccoon Are Inseparable After Family Takes In Critter: 'He Doesn't Know Roxy's a Dog'

Jonathon the raccoon lost his mom when he was just a baby, but after a loving family adopted him, he quickly clung to their 10-year-old dog, Roxy.

They have all the affection of a mother and baby — even though they are of different species.

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Jonathon, a 4-month-old raccoon, lost his mom when he was just a baby, but after a loving family took him in, he quickly clung to their 10-year-old dog, Roxy.

"Roxy always wanted babies," owner Shannon Calvert told "Every time she sees a baby, she's so happy, so we introduced her to Jonathon."

Immediately, Calvert said the dog took the baby raccoon under her wing.

"He'll follow her all around. When she goes down the stairs, he'll follow her," Calvert said.

Although baby raccoons are typically full of energy, Calvert said they both like cuddling, hanging out in the backyard, and eating watermelon.

When they sleep, Calvert said Jonathon often sneaks up behind her and pats her back: "She loves it, and she ends up getting all happy. She'll stand up and start playing with him." 


In fact, she said the raccoon probably doesn't know his adopted mother is a different animal. "Whenever Jonathon hears a dog barking in the neighborhood, he'll get all freaked out. He doesn't know Roxy's a dog." 

The 19-year-old said Jonathon came to live at her house after her older brother heard cries coming from the sewer.

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He soon discovered a litter of baby raccoons in the sewer, and their mother on the side of the road after she had been hit by a car.

When they contacted animal control, they were told the only option was to euthanize the babies since shelters were overflowing. Releasing them back in the wild would also be impossible. 

The family gave away the rest of the litter to foster homes, but saved little Jonathon to live out his life at their home.

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