The Boy Who Cried Turtle: Eagle-Eyed Child Helps Save Trio of Turtles Stuck in Drain

Young boy saves the lives of three baby sea turtles.

All's shell that ends well for a boy in Florida whose random act of kindness led him to save the lives of three baby sea turtles.

Four-year-old Aiden was recently taking a stroll down a Florida street during a family vacation when he spotted a trio of baby sea turtles trapped inside a storm drain.

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“He said, ‘I think I see a crab! Oh no it’s not a crab it’s a turtle!’” his dad, Hunter Henson, told “He counted each one and said, ‘There’s three! There’s three!’”

Little Aiden alerted his dad, who called the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center for help.

According to Ed Straight, president of the rehabilitation center, turtle rescues are rare.

“The center that usually does turtle rescues was unavailable,” said Straight. “They asked us if we could take care of it.”

Straight, with the help of his grandson and officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, traveled to the scene and, at first, struggled to pull the grate off due to its weight.

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After a few moments of concentration and strength, they were able to free the animals. Young Aiden stood by their side the whole time to make sure the sea turtles were in good hands.

"If he hadn’t seen them, they probably would have died," Straight said.

Rescuers believed that the turtles may have drifted away and gotten lost from their mother upon hatching. If Aiden and his family kept walking, they would have died from dehydration and humidity.

After much needed treatment and TLC, the sea turtles will soon be released back into the ocean, thanks to Aiden.

“We wouldn't have found them without that little boy,” said Straight.

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