Teen Plays Beautiful Music Amid Devastation After Finding Damaged Piano in Flood Wreckage

As the people of Louisiana begin rebuilding after the devastating floods, Mark Chasuk instead decided to rebuild the spirits of the victims.

As the people of Louisiana begin rebuilding following devastating floods, this teen instead wanted to rebuild the spirits of the victims after finding a piano that somehow survived the ordeal.

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During a volunteering effort to help Baton Rouge families clean up after the flood, Mark Chasuk, 16, took a moment out of the grim day for a moment of positivity.

In a ViralHog video, Chasuk could be heard playing "Tarantella" by Albert Pieczonka in the middle of a block lined with debris left by the flood.

"A friend of mine lived there," Chasuk told InsideEdition.com. "He was really into music so that was his piano, and it took on four feet of water. They had to put it out onto the curb."

Even though the teen's rendition of "Tarantella" was nothing less than extraordinary, he said the piano was already damaged from the water, but once it dried, it would be impossible to play or restore.

"It was really wet below the keys," he explained. "Once it dries, all the wood would warp. Plus, all the metal inside was starting to rust, and the pieces inside the piano were basically lost.

"They lost everything in their house," he added.

Chasuk, who said he has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old and often enters major competitions in his area, has been volunteering with The Holy Family Homeschoolers for the past few days cleaning up different homes that have been affected by the floods.

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He said out of the 120 families that make up the homeschool group, 16 were flooded out of their homes.

"A lot of them were really tired. Some of them were in good spirits, though for the most part, they were all pretty down," he explained. "I'd say we're all pretty happy to be together as a community, especially in times like these."

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