After Deaf Man Is Killed by Cop in Traffic Stop, How Drivers With Hearing Loss Can Stay Safe

Daniel Harris was killed in North Carolina after failing to stop for the highway patrol officer.

The recent fatal shooting of a deaf driver by a police officer in North Carolina has raised questions about safety for hearing impaired motorists. 

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Jennifer Labriola, the principal of the New York School for the Deaf who drives to work each day, told Inside Edition through a sign language interpreter that if a hearing impaired driver is pulled over, "you tell the police officer you're deaf and 'I need to write this down.' You point to your ear.”

For the hearing impaired individuals who would like to see the segment with closed captions, please watch below:

She added: “It's important to wait for your instructions and not do anything. Just wait and see. When they ask for my license and registration, at that point, I would take out the items asked for.”

She said that while driving, she is always vigilant about what's going on behind her.

“My eye is constantly on my rear-view mirror and my side mirror. Always checking,” she said.

The school's superintendent, Harold Mow, told Inside Edition that before the officer arrives, he pulls down his visor, where he has a card that reads: “I am deaf or hard of hearing."

"Point to the card, point to your ear," he advised.

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Daniel Harris, 29, reportedly failed to stop when a North Carolina cop tried to pull him over for speeding Thursday. He was shot dead by the officer when he eventually got home and got out of his car.

As authorities continue to investigate the shooting, the driver’s brother and sister, who are also deaf, paid tribute to him at a memorial service Tuesday.

The officer who shot Harris, State Trooper Jermaine Saunders, is on administrative leave during an investigation.

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