Cat Turns the Tables on 7 Pit Bulls in Shocking Attack, and the Dogs Don't Fight Back

The pit bulls are recovering following the shocking attack that left their faces covered in scratches.

Seven pit bulls are recovering after a 16-year-old cat named Baby attacked them as they approached her owner's property in Canada.

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Betty Jean Thompson, 78, was sitting in her garden with Baby by her side. She told Inside Edition: "I look up and I see all these dogs. I yelled: 'Get those dogs away from here! I have a cat!'"

Kyla Grover and two of her friends were walking their pit bulls when they say they were ambushed by the cat in British Columbia Sunday. A pit bull named Bandita was badly injured.

“All of a sudden I see the cat just scratching Bandita across the face,” Grover said.

Grover was also injured when she tried to separate the fearless feline from the dog.

“Any one of those pit bulls could have killed her cat,” Grover told Inside Edition. “They didn’t. [Bandita] just sat there and took it.”

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Thompson knows the dogs could have killed her cat.

“I just had [the cat] by her fur, [Baby] did not bite [the dog],” she said.

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