Fountain Lady Has Police Record

The video of a woman falling into a mall fountain is an internet hit, but the woman's surprising past is raising questions. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It turns out  the woman who fell in a fountain while texting is no stranger to water, hot water that is. Cathy Cruz Marrero has a lengthy criminal record and is currently out on bail.

"I admit it was funny." says Marrero.

Her criminal past came to light after Marrero outed herself on TV as "The Lady in the Fountain".

Marrero works at the mall where she tumbled into the fountain. She's accused of going on a $5,000 shopping spree with a co-worker's credit card. She also has 4 previous theft convictions and a hit and run conviction.

"Nobody went to my aid, not one single person," says Morerro.

On Good Morning America, Marrero tearfully complained that mall security guards ignored and mocked her. But now that her criminal past has surfaced, some are questioning whether this trip and fall was real or an elaborate hoax?

"There's absolutely no indication that it was staged. That's nonsense," says James Polyak, Marrero's attorney.