2 Teens, 34 Chihuahuas, 6 Birds Removed From Home Riddled With Feces, Trash and Cockroaches

Though cops said the home was in "worse than deplorable conditions," the SPCA announced the Chihuahuas are "playful" and "surprisingly well-adjusted."

A Florida woman has been arrested after cops discovered two teens, 34 Chihuahuas and six birds in a "house of horrors" that was inundated with feces, trash, and cockroaches.

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In images provided to InsideEdition.com, feces and urine from the Port St. John home can be seen lining the floor, and used plastic plates and cups form a large pile on a bedroom floor.

Cigarette butts and half-eaten food also appear in the images.

Authorities were originally responding to an animal complaint at the home Sunday.

According to a statement from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, homeowner Tamara Daniels, 52, initially denied authorities access to the home, but eventually surrendered ten dogs to deputies.

Later that same day, deputies returned and discovered an additional 24 Chihuahuas, as well as six birds at the home.

Of the 34 Chihuahuas, three were pregnant.

They also discovered two teenagers living in "what could be described as worse than deplorable conditions," according to a statement.

"Both children had animal feces on the bottom of their feet, and neither was enrolled in school," authorities said.

Officials told WKMG the home was in "no way safe for the animals, let alone the children who also were in the residence."

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Daniels was arrested and charged Sunday night with two counts of child neglect without great bodily harm. She is currently being held on $10,000 bond and has not yet entered a plea.

"She is a very kind person [who] would give anyone the [benefit] of the doubt. And her kids [are] good kids," one person who claimed to know her wrote on Facebook. "She needed help a long time ago and no one would help her... Yes her place is disgusting but she has raised them kids to be well mannered and respectful teens."

The two teens are currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

When the SPCA of Brevard County took 24 of the Chihuahuas into their custody after Animal Control independently found foster homes for the rest of them, they reported the dogs were "surprisingly well adjusted, considering the situation they came from."

Susan Naylor of the Brevard County SPCA said while they were all found with fleas and kennel cough, none suffered any major injuries.

"They're all really sweet. Chihuahuas can be a nippy breed, but none of them are nippy," Naylor told InsideEdition.com. "Even though they're scared, they're all extremely playful."

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While most of the Chihuahuas are being held in SPCA's care for first two weeks, Naylor said the three pregnant dogs have been sent to live with foster homes. One will even be the subject of a maternity photoshoot.

They initially believed four of the Chihuahuas were pregnant, but "one was just a little chunky," Naylor joked.

The SPCA of Brevard County is currently raising funds for vaccines, food, and blankets for the pups on a YouCaring page.

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