Double Shot of Destruction: Astonishing Footage Shows Starbucks Store Leveled by Tornado

The incredible video was shot from the window of a Chili's restaurant in Indiana.

A tornado was captured on video as it destroyed an Indiana Starbucks Wednesday.

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Brandon Mobley was eating inside a Chili’s restaurant in Kokomo across the street when he shot the jaw-dropping video.

He told Inside Edition that he was standing behind the bar filming the tornado and was shocked to see the Starbucks just disappear. 

He said: "I was filming the destruction and that is when I filmed the Starbucks and thought, 'oh my God.'" 

There was utter destruction and it was a miracle no one lost their life.

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Manager Angel Ramos, who was inside the Starbucks at the time, said: "As soon as I saw the clouds turning, we got everyone inside to safety." 

On Thursday, Donald Trump’s running mate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence said it was a miracle no one was killed or badly hurt after the tornado ripped through the area at 165 miles per hour.

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