Sarah Jessica Parker Quits as EpiPen Spokeswoman After Manufacturer Raises Price by 400 Percent

The "Sex & the City" star is ending her relationship with the company.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s ending her relationship with the maker of the EpiPen after its manufacturer jacked up the price of the life-saving product.

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Parker, a paid spokeswoman for the product, was on The View earlier this year talking about the medication.

She spoke from the heart and from experience as her teenage son, James, suffers a deadly peanut allergy.

Mylan, the makers of EpiPen, recently sparked a furor when it announced yet another price hike. EpiPen used to cost $57, now it’s $500 — a 400 percent increase since 2007.

People with severe allergies suffer anaphylactic shock, which can prove fatal. Inside the EpiPen is a needle that administers the antidote. The EpiPen is a life-saving emergency treatment.

The Sex and the City actress released a statement saying: "I’m left disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned by Mylan's actions. I have ended my relationship with Mylan.”

The manufacturer of the EpiPen has already responding to the outcry, saying it will cover up to $300 of the cost for people with little or no insurance.

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Mylan CEO Heather Bresch spoke about the price increase Thursday on CNBC.

“No one's more frustrated than me,” she said. “I am hoping that this is an inflection point for this country. Our health care is in crisis. It's no different than the mortgage financial crisis back in 2007."

She added: “We responded this morning... ensuring that everyone who needs an EpiPen has an EpiPen.”

More than 15 million people suffer allergies severe enough to potentially need an emergency dose of epinephrine.

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