Elizabeth Edwards Threatens Lawsuit Against Andrew Young

Elizabeth Edwards has reportedly threatened to sue her husband's former aide Andrew Young for contributing to the demise of her marriage. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Another shocking twist in the John Edwards sex scandal.

Elizabeth Edwards is now threatening to sue Andrew Young for contributing to the downfall of her marriage.

Young, the former Edwards aide who wrote The Politican, says Elizabeth may sue him for "alienation of affection," where a third party is held responsible for breaking up a marriage. North Carolina is one of only seven states where it's still considered grounds for a lawsuit.

Attorney Mickey Sherman said, "Elizabeth Edwards is apparently suing Andrew Young for contributing to the demise of her marriage. This is a hail mary. The chances of it getting to a jury, and more importantly, the chances of a jury returning a verdict in her favor are very slight."

Elizabeth reportedly won't sue if Young donates $250,000 dollars to the Wade Edwards foundation, the non-profit foundation named for the Edwards' late son.

Young also must stop talking publicly about the Edwards marriage and return voice-mails Elizabeth sent him like the one where she said, "Andrew, I am tired of playing games with you."

Meanwhile, the North Carolina beach house that John Edwards is reportedly interested in buying now that he and Elizabeth have separated has five bedrooms and six baths and overlooks the Cape Fear river.  Price tag: $3.5 million.