The Bear Narcissisties: Black Bear Snaps Selfie in the Wild

What a shot!

Selfies have become such an everyday part of life that even a bear has taken one.

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In May, a black bear inside the Berkshires, a private reservation in Western Massachusetts, photographed herself taking a selfie with field cameras set up in the area.

The Trustees of Reservations posted the selfie for the first time on their Instagram page, where it caught the attention of fans around the world. 

The photo was taken by The Trustees' Conservation Restriction team who "work tirelessly to help permanently protect land here in Massachusetts as well as working closely with our ecology team, and these cameras help keep tabs on the local wildlife." 

The organization, the largest private holder of conservation restrictions in the state, has set up cameras in special steel boxes across to document wildlife.

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"It’s pretty common with bears due to their excellent sense of smell which is why we use heavy duty steel bear boxes on all of our remote trail cameras," Sally Naser, Trustees Conservation Restrictions Program Manager, said in a statement.

"When I go out to check the cameras in the field and find the box sideways on the trees and with muddy paw prints, I know I'm going to have bear footage.”

The cameras have also photographed bobcats, moose and deer.

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