Brazilian Police Charge U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte With Making a False Crime Report

The U.S. gold medalist has acknowledged he 'exaggerated' his story about being robbed in Rio.

Brazilian police have charged disgraced U.S. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte with making a false crime report about being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio games.

There was no robbery and Lochte lied when he said he and three teammates were held up after returning from a party, according to authorities.

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A police statement Thursday said the 32-year-old swimmer would receive notification in the United States.  The indictment will also be sent to the International Olympic Committee, authorities said.

The athlete said he and fellow swimmers Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger had been robbed at gunpoint in a taxi by a man who flashed a police badge on August 15.

The group was headed to the Olympic Village after a night of partying, police said and were actually confronted by security guards after they vandalized a gas station bathroom and urinated on the building.

Lochte left Brazil after the incident. Conger and Bentz were escorted off a jetliner that was headed back to the U.S. three days later.

Conger, Bentz and Feigen were later allowed to leave Brazil after giving statements about what happened that night.

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Lochte later admitted he “over-exaggerated that story” and said he exhibited “immature behavior.”

He has lost four major sponsors since then, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren.

Under Brazilian law, the maximum penalty for filing a false crime report is 18 months behind bars, according to the Associated Press.

There was no immediate response from the swimmers. Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, told CNN he has not heard from police in Brazil.

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