Stranded Sailors Saved Thanks To 'SOS' Message After Week on Desert Island

U.S. Navy officials spotted two mariners stranded on an uninhabited island in Micronesia thanks to an 'SOS' in the sand.

A couple of mariners stranded on an uninhabited Micronesian island were saved when a U.S. Navy plane spotted their "SOS" message written in the sand.

A Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft crew spotted the marooned duo Thursday while responding to a report from a British vessel of flashing lights on the island in Chuuk State when they spotted the sign.

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It was the culmination of a 7-day search for the man and woman.

The search began when officials in Guam received notification Aug. 19 from Pan-Pacific Education and Communication Experiments by Satellite (PEACESAT) of an overdue 18 ft. vessel with two people aboard en route to Tamatam Island, Federated States of Micronesia.

On Aug. 17, the couple departed Weno Island with limited supplies and no emergency equipment on board en route to Tamatam with an expected arrival of Aug. 18.

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This past spring, another group of castaways in Micronesia managed to get themselves rescued with a message on the beach.

In April, the marooned men spelled out the word "Help" in palm fronds, eventually attracting the attention of a Navy search plane.

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