In-Flight Horror as Engine Fails and Rips Apart, Forcing Emergency Landing

Passengers screamed after an explosion reportedly rocked Flight 3472, forcing pilots to make an emergency landing in Pensacola.

A Southwest flight to Orlando created a nightmare for passengers Saturday after a serious mechanical malfunction led to the complete failure of one of the plane's engines.

Passengers aboard Flight 3472 reported hearing an explosion as they were at or near cruising altitude Sunday morning.

As the plane began to descend, the cabin depressurized and caused oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling.

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Along with photos later posted to social media, some passengers reported hearing screams in the cabin as babies wailed and some people were able to look out the window at a heavily damaged engine.

As the plane appeared to stabilize, a pilot entered the cabin and informed passengers that they'd lost an engine.

The flight landed safely without incident at Pensacola International Airport at 9:40 a.m. Southwest said in a statement.

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Initial reports indicate there were no injuries among the 99 passengers and five crew members onboard.

"We have notified the NTSB, and when authorized, we will be inspecting the aircraft to assess the damage. The aircraft is out of service, and we will work to accommodate the passengers to Orlando or their final destination as soon as possible," the statement read.

Some passengers took photos of the engine as they deplaned. The pictures quite clearly show the engine was heavily damaged at some point during the flight. One photo also appeared to show damage to the fuselage. 

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