Here Comes the Duck: Bold Bird Crashes Couple's Wedding, Upstaging the Bride

An unsuspected feathered guest crashed a couple's wedding and even stayed for the first dance.

An unusual guest quickly became the center of attention after making an appearance at a British couple’s wedding.  

The groom, Peter Coles, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the duckling waddling down the aisle ahead of his blushing bride, Sarah Eakers.

“I was stood at the top of the red carpet waiting for Sarah and it just strutted on up out of nowhere. Everyone was in stitches,” said Peter. "It was definitely a bit weird and it certainly lit the day up. There were as many people talking about the duck as the wedding itself.”

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The fun didn’t stop there – the feathered wedding crasher even stuck around for the newlywed’s first dance as husband and wife. The bird circled around the happy couple as if waiting for a chance to dance with Sarah. 

The guests erupted in laughter as they welcomed their new web-footed friend to the ceremony.

Peter’s good friend, Shaun Layland, recorded the uninvited avian guest enjoying the celebration.

"After the ceremony it disappeared for a little while to go swimming, but then it was back for the first dance in the evening,” Peter said.

The small duck even had its own reserved seat on the groom’s leg as it chowed down on a delicious meal only a bird would love.

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After hours of partying with the happy couple, the duckling finally threw in the towel and headed home.

"When everyone was sat waiting for Sarah it just waddled up the aisle and lapped up the attention. I think everyone wanted to take it home,” said Peter. "I've never seen anything like it. About an hour after the dance it just walked off and never came back.”

Peter and Sarah officially became husband and wife at the Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay, Devon, on July 30th.

Thanks to the dancing duck, the newlyweds now have a new story to share and a new friend to call for a good time.

"It made the day even more memorable than it already was," said Peter.

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