Woman Returns From Vacation and Says She Found up to 10 Squatters Living in Her Home

The squatters lived in the home for a week and a half before getting the boot.

A dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare for an Oklahoma woman who returned to find as many as 10 total strangers living inside her house.

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Crystal Taylor says it happened to her at her home in Broken Arrow, located outside Tulsa.

Taylor came home from a vacation in Cabo to find 6 to 10 people were living in her home along with five cats and a dog. She also says the home was severely damaged.

"It was a shock," she told Inside Edition: "I didn’t understand how people could do that. I was so furious. There was nothing I could do."

Neighbors said the alleged squatters moved in at about 3 a.m. earlier this month, but they didn't come in the front door — they pried open the garage door to enter.

The alleged squatters lived in the home for a week-and-a-half before getting the boot by police. Crystal says they left behind a staggering amount of damage.

“It’s all dirty,” Taylor said. “It just feels dirty.”

Cigarette butts, litter boxes and stains were everywhere in the home.

“I never imagined a house looking like this. It’s sad,” she said.

The alleged squatters also threw pool parties, Taylor says leaving the pool in desperate need of a draining.

Despite Taylor's claims, one of the alleged squatters insists she had every right to be in the home.

Cherie Chewning says she found the home listed on Craigslist. She says she even signed a rental lease with a bunch of roommates.

The so-called "owner's" name on the lease says Parker even though Crystal Taylor is the legal owner of the house.

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Chewning insists she is the victim, although she admits she found it bizarre when the keys she was given didn't work.

“It was the second or third day we noticed our keys didn’t turn,” she said. “I’m sorry I had nothing to do with it.”

Chewning says she has since lost her job at the local Dairy Queen and is practically living out of her car.

“I am innocent in this. I didn’t scam anyone,” she said.

The distraught homeowner says she isn't buying that.

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