Good Samaritan Uses Navy Sailor's Video Footage to Reunite Him With Lost GoPro

A good Samaritan reunited a total stranger with his GoPro.

One kind man just made a stranger’s day by being at the right place at the right time.

The thankful stranger and U.S. Navy sailor, Dominick Petronella, was visiting family members in Texas when he accidentally left his GoPro behind while taking in the scenery of the Guadalupe River.

The good Samaritan, T.K. Archibald, noticed the abandoned camera on the same day and decided to pay it forward, seeking to reunite the Petronella with the GoPro.  

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“I looked around and I didn’t see anybody around. It’s a pretty popular river for tubing so I assumed that’s where it was from,” Archibald told “I’ve got one myself so I can understand the devastation of losing it.”

Archibald then came up with an idea to bring the camera to its rightful owner. He created a video for social media users to watch and help him track down the sailor.  

He posted it to Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit which gained more than 6,000 views including a viewer who is one of Petronella’s good friends.

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“Within a week and a half or so after I posted it, I was able to find him,” said Archibald. “I kind of knew where he was stationed and took that information, plugged it in Google and found him on Facebook and contacted him from that point.”

Petronella couldn’t believe his eyes, or ears, when others contacted him about the video and his beloved camera.

He watched it in awe, speechless of Archibald’s kindness and generosity and immediately contacted him confirming he was the camera's rightful owner. 

“I was out running errands when I received a text message from a friend that I work with saying ‘Found your GoPro, check your Facebook, having the guy message you now,’” Petronella told “At this point I was a little skeptical, and honestly thought it was a hoax. So I replied back to him: ‘Are you sure? How do you know it's even mine?’”

After forwarding him the video, Archibald mailed the GoPro and Petronella received it days later.

“The whole point of doing it was to find him so I’m glad I was able to do so,” said Archibald. “In today’s age and where we’re at, in this society, if we just all respected one another’s property, we wouldn’t have the problems that we’ve had.”

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