Running Through Time: 93-Year-Old World War II Vet Completes 3-Year, Coast-to-Coast Run

What an inspiration.

One man fulfilled a goal people half his age only dream about — he ran 3,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the east coast of America.

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Ernie Andrus, 93, completed his jog from the San Diego, California, to St. Simons Island, Georgia, on August 20.

The Navy vet, who fought in World War II, started his mission to run from coast-to-coast, nearly 3 years ago in October 2013 and completed the task Saturday, the day after his 93rd birthday.

As he ran across America, he gained followers and fans, much like Tom Hanks did in Forrest Gump. Andrus also became the subject of a hashtag — #RunErnieRun as he jogged through towns across the country.

Supporters would cheer him on from the side of the road.

"The American people are the most loving and generous people in the world," he told CBS News.

The proud vet said he started running to raise awareness about the unsung hero of WWII — a ship tank known as an LST, which allowed the Allies to get heavy gear and artillery on the beaches of places like Normandy.

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"This shouldn’t be forgotten," he told CBS News. "Eisenhower and Churchill both made a similar remark that it’s the ship that won the war... Without ‘em how could you... even [take] Normandy?"

Following Andrus’ run, many congratulated him on social media.

When he finished his run, he addressed supporters and thanked them for their support. He did say that although he has completed his personal mission, he is still going to run. 

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