Mother Allegedly Kills Daughter With Crucifix, Believed She Was Possessed by the Devil: Police

An Oklahoma woman allegedly forced a crucifix down her daughter's throat, killing her, because she was convinced the young woman was possessed.

An Oklahoma woman allegedly forced a crucifix down her daughter’s throat, killing her, because she was convinced the young woman was possessed by the devil, authorities said.

Juanita Gomez, 49, was arrested on one count of murder after police found the body of her 33-year-old daughter on the floor of their home Saturday, according to a probable cause affidavit viewed by KTLA.  

A large crucifix lay on the bloodied and bruised body of Geneva Gomez, who her mother allegedly confessed to punching repeatedly, the court documents, filed in Oklahoma County Court, said.

Juanita Gomez then forced a crucifix and religious medallion down her daughter’s throat until blood came out of her mouth, according to the affidavit.

When she saw her daughter was dead, Juanita Gomez then placed her body in the shape of a cross and laid a crucifix across her chest, the affidavit said.

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Geneva Gomez’s boyfriend, Francisco Merlos, discovered his girlfriend’s body when he went to reconcile after the pair had a fight two days earlier, he told The Oklahoman.

His girlfriend’s mother answered the door, saying that Geneva Gomez was in another room when Merlos asked where she was.

“And then I looked, and she was laying on her back with the cross on her chest, and you couldn’t even recognize her face,” he told the newspaper.

Merlos said he pushed passed his girlfriend’s mother, who was reportedly incoherently talking about “money” and “the devil,” and tried to block the man from escaping the home.

When he finally got out of the house, he called 911 and went back inside to attempt CPR, but was unable to gather himself and was walking out as emergency responders arrived, Merlos said.

The pair were planning to get married at the local courthouse Monday, he told the paper before breaking down.

"RIP BABY ... WHY THEY GOTTA TAKE YOU FROM ME? WHY?!!!" the devastated man wrote on social media. 

Loved ones were left stunned by the news.

“Can we all just wake up from this nightmare,” one friend posted on Facebook.

“This world has lost one beautiful angel,” another person wrote.

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Many were unable to understand what went wrong in the relationship between mother and daughter, who were more like sisters, according to those close to them.

“My mind and my heart is still shook about Nevah and her mom,” friend Jabee Williams, a local rapper, wrote on Facebook. “They both would come to my shows, Nevah would invite me somewhere and her mom would roll too. She wanted to sing for me. She was always so nice and happy.”

Geneva Gomez, who went by Nevah and Gigi, posted photos in 2012 of herself and her mother smiling, writing: "When things get tuff I know I can push upon what comes down my path."

“So glad to have the one person in my life that brought me into this world by my side,” she wrote.

More recently, however, she wrote: "Watch out for fakes a** b***** & n***** TRUST NO ONE it could get you killed."

A seemingly unfazed Juanita Gomez appeared in court on Monday, making religious remarks to the judge and asking about the lack of toilet paper in her jail cell, The Oklahoman reported.

A memorial for Geneva Gomez is planned for Tuesday at McKinley Park at 1300 N. McKinley Ave.

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