Woman's Rescue From Burning Car Caught in Dramatic Dashcam Footage

A group of motorists banded together pull a woman from her car as it was engulfed in flames following a highway pileup.

A group of motorists banded together to rescue a woman from her burning car following a huge car crash on a New York State highway Thursday.

Dramatic dashcam footage shows the moment the pileup began as a tractor-trailer plows through multiple cars and as others careen off the Binghamton roadway.

One of those unlucky vehicles left a trail of flames following the impact, one that caught up with her vehicle as it came to a crashing halt. 

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While other motorists watched in horror, smoke and flames poured from the car before one bystander finally ran to the rescue.

Others then descend on the burning car, some with fire extinguishers, to help the woman as she eventually climbed out through a window.

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Astonishingly, no one was killed in the 10 vehicle crash.

Binghampton Mayor Rich David proudly posted the dashcam footage to his own Facebook page Monday.

"In a time of crisis, these brave individuals navigated through flames and broken glass to save a stranger's life. The woman suffered only minor cuts and bruises," the mayor wrote.

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