Injury to Insult: Sarah Palin Uses Bloody Gash to Take a Shot at Hillary Clinton

She accused Clinton of dodging the press in a social media rant that featured the photos.

Sarah Palin suffered a nasty gash to her face and used the injury to take a few jabs at Hillary Clinton.

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Palin posted photos Sunday that show her receiving medical care for a bloody and swollen cut over her eye.

The former governor of Alaska says she hurt herself after while rock running. It is unclear when or where she fell. Along with the photos, she posted a rant, accusing Clinton of dodging the press.

“Leave Hillary alone, bullies,” she sarcastically wrote.

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She added: "Aww, c'mon guys, give her a break. Anyone can be out of commission.... for weeks on end... whilst in the heat of battle for the highest office in the land. No press conferences for nearly a year? No scheduled campaign events for days upon days? No statements, no answers, no accountability, no problem. Layin' low to run out the clock before November, but you're SEXIST for noticing it."

Since January, the outspoken Republican has been stumping for Trump

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