Picture-Perfect Pooches: Photographer Takes Images of Shelter Dogs to Help Them Find Homes

These trendy dogs get their picture taken in elegant costumes.

Several adorable pooches are getting primped and polished for the camera, all in an effort to find them forever homes.

Tammy Swarek, a photographer and Arkansas native, came up with a novel idea to help her local animal shelter find abandoned dogs a loving home.  

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With the help of her partner, Tammy Michael, and the Union County Animal Protection Society’s manager, Tanja Jackson, she created The Shelter Pets Project in which she photographs the shelter dogs in adorable and elegant costumes.

Some of the outfits were specifically designed for each trendy pup to match with their individual personality.

“I started this project three months ago, actually,” Swarek told InsideEdition.com. “I contacted the shelter and asked if I could help and it all started from there.”

More than 50 dogs were dressed in floral headdresses, overalls, and business attire during their close ups.

One of the canines, Big Dave, was dressed as a chef for his love of food — and stealing a rump roast off the counter of his former family's home.

Several designers, including Joan Marentis Kelly, a couture jewelry designer, donated the costumes to the shelter for the photoshoot.

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“I messaged Joan on Facebook and she immediately agreed to help out,” said Swarek. “One of the headdresses she donated was worth around 3,000 dollars. We were so thankful.”

The photoshoot was such a success that it grabbed the attention of doglovers who sent in multiple applications to adopt each canine.

“Since people have seen the pictures, all 50 of the dogs have been adopted,” Shelter manger, Tanja Jackson told InsideEdition.com. “One lady actually ended her vacation short in Ohio to come down to Arkansas and adopt one of the dogs.”

Swarek said she will continue with the project and hope to photograph other animals in different shelters.

Thanks to her kindness and creativity, the pups now have a second chance at a happy life and a picture-perfect portrait to share with the world.

“This shelter means so much to me,” said Swarek. “This project has been therapy for me as it was for them.”

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