Kayaker With Arm Sliced to the Bone Among Several Injured in Collision With Ferry

A Missouri teen miraculously survived crashing into a ferry on the Hudson River Tuesday.

A Missouri teen visiting family in New York City is among several kayakers who miraculously survived a collision with a ferry while kayaking on the Hudson River this week.

Ten or so paddlers were out on the Hudson during Tuesday evening rush hour with Manhattan Kayak Company when a commuter ferry accidentally struck one of the small vessels, sending several to the hospital.

Among them was an employee of the kayaking company and the 18-year-old, who was in town celebrating his graduation. Neither has been named.

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The employee's arm was lacerated to the bone. The teen's elbow was badly cut to within millimeters of a major artery, his family told PIX11.

According to the boy's mother, doctors said it's a miracle he survived.

At a news conference held Tuesday, officials with the New York Police Department’s Harbor Unit, said the injured instructor lost "a lot of blood" and was drifting in and out of consciousness when an officer placed a tourniquet on his arm before he was rushed to a hospital.

In a statement on Facebook, Manhattan Kayak assured customers that this incident, which reportedly occurred despite the employee's attempts to get the ferry captain's attention, was an isolated one.

"In almost two decades of guiding trips here in the local NY waters, this is the FIRST major incident we have ever had, and we are very thankful that there were no fatalities.

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"The incident is being investigated at this time, and this is just to update you that of the 11 kayakers on the water, four were injured and we are grateful to the speedy assistance of the US Coast Guard, the NYPD, and the Hudson River Park for getting the injured to local hospitals," the statement read.

The NYPD Harbor Unit said the captain of the ferry was given a breathalyzer test following the crash, which came back negative for alcohol.

"We’re cooperating fully with the United States Coast Guard and the New York Police Department in this investigation," a rep for the ferry company, NY Waterway, said in a statement.

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