Roughing the Passer: Tom Brady Incites Internet Ridicule With New Hairstyle

He drew comparisons to Megyn Kelly, Matt Damon and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Tom Brady has gotten called out over a play he made at the barber shop.

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The New England Patriots quarterback showed off his fluffy, side-parted hair at a press conference Tuesday, and the internet erupted in ridicule.

"Then I told my barber: give me the Megyn Kelly," one person tweeted, comparing Brady’s hairstyle to that of the Fox News anchor.

Another joked: "Based on haircut, it appears Tom Brady will spend September proving theorems as member of MIT’s janitorial staff.” It was a reference to Matt Damon's character in Good Will Hunting.

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Others compared Brady to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Dwight Schrute from The Office and Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell.

Bruh why Tom Brady's hair look like Dwight Schrute?

— Cam'ron (@camcarac) August 31, 2016

Barber: What do you want?
Brady: I'm gonna join a frat tomorrow
Barber: Say no more fam

— Mr Moet¬(' '¬) (@matthewchewchoi) August 31, 2016

Based on haircut, it appears Tom Brady will spend Sep. proving theorems as member of MIT's janitorial staff.

— John Tomase (@jtomase) August 30, 2016

The Zach Morris

— Ron Lennon (@Big_Boy859) August 30, 2016

No word on whether his wife, former supermodel Gisele Bunchen, likes the cut.

But many say it's a bigger fumble for Brady than deflategate.

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