They Met Their Match: Meet the Couple That Coordinate Their Outfits Every Day

Ed and Fran Gargiula have been married for 52 years.

This couple have matched their outfits every single day for 25 years and are showing no signs of stopping. 

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For Ed Gargiula, 76, and wife Fran, 74, one day it is red polo shirts and matching khakis. On another, it's aqua blue on top and white pants.

The Florida couple, who have been married for 52 years, became an internet sensation after their grandson, Anthony, 17, began posting images of their outfits on Twitter.

my grandparents have been married for 52 years and they match outfits every day.

— Anthony Gargiula (@AnthonyGargiula) August 30, 2016

Anthony told Inside Edition: "I thought this would be something really cute to tweet without any intention of it going viral."

The couple told Inside Edition how they coordinate.

"I guess it started 25 years ago when we were doing western dancing, we would dress alike. Little by little it got to be the thing to do," Ed said.

Fran said: "We don’t really figure it out. I usually get dressed first and Ed follows.” 

Guests at their 50th wedding anniversary even dressed alike.

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Coordinating their looks is more than just making a fashion statement.

"I enjoy doing things with Fran and she enjoys doing things with me," Ed said. “We just make the decision to love every day. 

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