Boy, 5, Gifted Customized Patrol Car After Treating Cops to Lunch With Allowance Money

"We figured since he used his money for his acts of kindness throughout the area, we would in turn buy the police car for him," an officer said.

To return a 5-year-old boy's incredible generosity, police officers in New Jersey presented the child with his very own patrol car, customized just for him.

William Evertz Jr., who's known as "Bubba," wanted to say "thank you" to Winslow Township police officers for keeping his community safe, so he saved up his allowance to treat them to lunch last week.

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On Tuesday, police flooded the boy's home with screaming sirens and lights flashing in a grand effort to show their gratitude.

Bubba was in shock as one of the officers led the boy to a trailer. Inside was his very own miniature police cruiser, complete with his name on the license plate, replica decals of the Winslow Township Police Department and his lucky number 6 printed on the side.

"One of the things he wanted was a police car," Lieutenant Chris Dubler told "We figured since he used his money for his acts of kindness throughout the area, we would in turn buy the police car for him."

Dubler said the department purchased a generic toy car from the store, but went the extra mile to have it customized with replica decals from the company that does their own police cars.

Bubba's grandmother, Christine Haines, said the 5-year-old was overjoyed at the display.

"From a very young age, [he] expressed his desire to one day be a police officer," Haines told

She said that's why her grandson was inspired to do a series of random acts of kindness to support the community last week.

He started his streak of good gestures by treating the Winslow Township Police Department in New Jersey to lunch by saving months of his allowance, and purchasing a bunch of Subway sandwiches to be delivered to the department.

"We greatly appreciated that," Lieutenant Christ Dubler told

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But, only days later, he decided to keep giving back, and donated a trunkful of goods to the Safe Havens women's shelter in Pennsylvania, as well as give $25 out of his allowance to a less fortunate family to assist with day care expenses.

"We encourage him to give to the less fortunate and always share with others who are less fortunate," Haines said. "I'm so proud to be his grandmother."

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