Generous Cop Buys Shoes for Homeless Man Who Had Been Robbed

Generous cop helps a man buy a new pair of shoes after he had been robbed.

A generous police officer went out of his way to help a man in need after he had been a victim of theft.

A homeless man had walked six miles in just his socks after he had been robbed of his personal possessions, including his shoes. 

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The man’s bags, shoes, wallet and identification were also stolen. Desperate, he entered a local police department for help. And he got it.

Officer Brent Gaither of the North Bend Oregon Police Department noticed the poor gentlemen and immediately rushed to his aid. 

“He came right into the department barefoot,” Gaither told “He was going to walk 50 miles up the coast to visit family when his belongings were stolen.”

Officer Gaither ran next door to a hospice thrift shop to purchase the man a blanket and a new pair of hiking shoes and thanks to a little bit a of luck, they were the man’s size.

According to the officer, the man had lived on the road by choice and was very thankful for the cop’s generosity.

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The kind cop also handmade a bed-roll for the gentleman to sleep in and purchased a fresh pair of socks.

The police department’s mission is to “Go the Distance” for their community, and have been doing so for the last 20 years.

According to Chief Kappelman, a sergeant in the union, purchased a new pair of boots for a person who suffered from a mental illness and the entire department has even thrown a holiday party for families in need.

“All the officers here do these random actions of kindness; it motivates us,” said Gaither. “In that little moment, it made me feel great to help the man. That’s what keeps us going.”

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