Woman Laughs in Court After Trying to Drown Her Own Dog at Beach

Witnesses were stunned with what they saw.

A Florida woman was charged with animal cruelty after witnesses say she tried to drown her dog at a beach and laughed as she did so.

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Marilynne Jones, 71, was arrested last week after witnesses called 911 to report the woman putting her 9-year-old cocker spaniel Gracie into the water.

Beach Safety Patrol Captain Tammy Marris told WKMG: “She brought her dog into the water. Witnesses stated that the dog became lifeless as water crashed over the dog's head.”

George Hoffman, who called 911, told WKMG: “The dog’s body was limp. The head was limp, it had yellow foam coming out of him. I knew right away the dog was drowning.”

Hoffman claimed Jones was laughing through the whole incident.

Beach Safety Officer Christopher Hatton wrote in his report: “She didn't seem to care or worry about her dog.”

Captain Marris said: “She seemed unaffected by it. She didn't answer any of our questions. Witnesses had to take the dog from her out of the water.”

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She was arrested and later posted bond. During her initial court appearance last Thursday, she was again seen laughing as she put on headphones to hear the judge.

Jones also appeared in court Wednesday. It is unknown if she has entered a plea or has representation.

Gracie was taken to a veterinarian where she is being held for safekeeping, according to reports.

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