Watch Cops Wrangle With 13-Foot Cow-Eating Crocodile

Police have netted a 13-foot croc that was consuming cattle.

Cops in Australia have captured a massive crocodile that has been devouring cattle.

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"We got a big one," an official is heard saying in a newly released video.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 65,000 times, the 13-foot croc is seen thrashing around in its trap. Police and wildlife rangers dragged the reptile out of the water on Tuesday and tied it up to prevent it from causing more harm.  

They had caught the behemoth predator by setting up a trap in the water.

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“He got a little bit away from us, but we ended up getting hold of him,” Remote Sergeant Mark Berry said in the video.  

The animal was sent to a crocodile farm for breeding – but officials say there’s an even bigger croc still lurking in the murky waters.

“We are looking at leaving the trap here because we’ve got a large one in the water hole that’s still posing a threat to safety,” said Remote Sergeant Berry.

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