Monster Wave Leaves Surfer Injured

For a second consecutive year, a monster wave crashes down on a surfing competition at the same beach near San Francisco. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Surfers swarm out to make the most of the incoming waves. Unaware of the life or death drama about to engulf them. A freak monster wave appears out of nowhere, sucking the surfers into the depths. Now, one of them lies critically injured in the hospital after almost drowning.  

The drama happened at a surfer's paradise near San Francisco, called mavericks. At least 15 sufers meet the oncoming wave. Some make it over the top, but the 25 foot monster catches others unaware.

Surfer Jacob Trette vanishes after the huge wave strikes. When his surfboard finally pops up, there's still no sign of Trette.

After Trette finally surfaces unconscious, rescuers on a jet ski grab a hold of him and race him to the shore. Trette was medevaced to a local hospital.
This isn't the first time there's been drama at that spot. Last year there was a frightening scene when a massive wave overwhelmed spectators at a surfing competition.

A photographer suffered a broken leg. While a woman had to be helped to an ambulance.

Now another near death drama at the same spot testifies to the awesome power of mother nature.