That Sand-Do Attitude: Burning Man Festivalgoers Aren't Letting Dust Storm Rain on Their Parade

Paris Hilton didn't mind the giant dust storm that took over the Burning Man Festival.

A massive dust storm descended on Nevada's Burning Man Festival, creating what looked like a scene from a Mad Max movie.

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People were forced to wear face masks and goggles to fend off the grime. The storm coated cars, and RV windows were taped shut.

Dramatic time-lapse video shows the near whiteout conditions where 70,000 festivalgoers have built a temporary city for a week.

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"When we were driving in, we were in pretty bad whiteouts. We couldn't even see the cars in front of us." one festivalgoer told Inside Edition. 

But not all of those in attendance seemed to mind. Paris Hilton tweeted a video showing her creating her own dust angel as she relished in the gritty conditions.

And judging from other photos, attendees aren't letting a giant dust storm rain on their parade.

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