Chicago Teacher Welcomes 4th Graders to School With Rap Song

This teacher has taken learning to a whole new level.

As students around the country head back to school, one Chicago teacher welcomed his incoming class with a hip-hop music video.

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First-year teacher Dwayne Reed welcomed his 4th grade class with a music video stressing the importance of school and how he plans to make learning incredibly fun.

In the video posted to YouTube, he dresses up as a mad scientist, a gym teacher, and of course, himself.

“When you do good work it will get acknowledged because I know that you are gonna head off to college,” he rapped.

The video called “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” was posted August 20, has more than 822,000 views.

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The song has a familiar melody to Michael Jackson’s "I Will Be There."

A representative for Reed says in a statement that he “did not intend to steal, rip, riff, or mimic Mr. Jackson's song, but apparently, powerful songs and their sounds can remain lodged in people's memory even decades after they've been released or heard.

"As to avoid any controversy or issues, Mr. Reed has chosen not to sell his "Welcome to the 4th Grade" song, opting only to use it as a fun way to connect with his students and start the school year with some excitement!”

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