Secretary Delivers Stranger's Baby After Hearing Woman's Screams Outside Law Firm

Holly Sanderson was having lunch at her desk when she heard a commotion in the parking lot.

The secretary of a Maryland law firm had an unexpected case this week: Delivering a stranger's baby inside her office.

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Holly Sanderson, who works at Olmsted & Olmsted in La Plata, was having lunch at her desk Tuesday when she heard a commotion in the parking lot.

"I ran outside to see if all was OK," Sanderson told "[A woman] was standing next to her partner in pain and bending over. He said, 'she is in labor and going to have the baby!'"

Sanderson jumped into action. She called 911 as she took the couple inside the law firm's office and led the mom-to-be to the bathroom for some privacy. Within minutes, the baby was crowning.

Sanderson, who has two children of her own but has never had a natural birth, reached for the first aid kit and found some surgical gloves. When the woman pushed, Sanderson pulled and soon she was able to see the baby girl.

"The cord was wrapped around her neck," Sanderson recalled. "I put my fingers between the cord and the neck and lifted it over her head. The mom gave another push and baby was delivered."

But the baby was purple and didn't seem to be breathing.

"I tried to pat her and rubbed her back to simulate her. It felt like a long time but then she started to breathe and cry," she said.

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The baby girl was named Isabella.

It took "no more than six minutes," Sanderson said. "It was very quick."

After the delivery, Sanderson stayed in touch with the parents and has since visited their newborn daughter in the hospital. The little girl, who weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces, is doing well.

The mom was so thankful for Sanderson's help, but the secretary said she was happy to be part of such an incredible experience.

"I did what needed to be done," she said. "I was in awe. I was amazed."

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