Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Defends Her Accusations

Steve Harvey's ex-wife who has gone public with claims that he was unfaithful to her during their marriage spoke to INSIDE EDITION. Harvey denies her allegations.

Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary isn't pulling any punches.

Mary says, "He threw me away, he literally threw me away, as if I was garbage."

In her first  TV interview since launching an all out attack against her ex-husband via Youtube, Mary says she can't believe the comic and talk show host has been embraced as an expert giving relationship advice in his best selling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

She claims that Harvey was unfaithful during their 16 year marriage and says she can't believe Harvey goes on TV with Marjorie offering advice on how to have a good marriage.

Mary says, "You can only cry so hard, you know. And after that you can't even cry anymore, you just go numb. I've been numb for so, so long."

So what does she say to people who think she's just an angry ex-wife?

Mary says, "If he had come to me and said you know what Mary, I'm going to move on in my life. If we had sat down and jointly decided that we no longer have anything in common, let's just go somewhere else in our lives, I would have had to accept that because that's just what happens in our lives sometimes. But I didn't get that choice. I didn't get to have that conversation with him."

Mary says her ex-husband, who also hosts the syndicated show, Family Feud, packed up and left in 2005. She says she decided to speak out now, because she wants to support a new book that just came out entitled, Why do I have to Think Like a Man?, written as a rebuttal to Harvey's bestseller.

"To this day, as I sit in this chair talking to you, he never said he was sorry," Mary says.

Harvey, whose lawyer calls Mary Harvey's claims "false, misleading, and malicious" spoke out on his radio show.

On his show, Harvey said, "A lot of it is lies, but a lot of celebrities get dogged out and pitched about and then there's no repercussions behind the person who's doing the pitching."

Mary says, "I can't bring him down that's not in my power, only his deeds can bring him down."