Woman Forged Doctor's Note to Get Her Boyfriend Out of Jail: Cops

Was it a homemade "Get Out of Jail Free Card?"

What may have worked for students looking to ditch class landed one woman in trouble with the law after police say she forged a doctor’s note to get her boyfriend out of jail.

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Kay Abney was arrested in Rogers County, Oklahoma, after they say she forged a doctor’s note to get her boyfriend, Patrick LaBranche, who has been behind bars since February, out of jail.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton: “She went to great pains to document the fact that she committed a crime."

LaBranche was arrested earlier this year for driving without a license and trafficking illegal drugs.

Walton said LaBranche and Abney are "a parasite to the community." He added that LaBranche is "no stranger to the Rogers County Sheriff's Department."

Walton says Abney had been pestering the jail for months about LaBranche’s health, claiming the staff was giving him improper care. But one day, a fax purportedly came from a Utica Park Clinic doctor named Carl Smith, who said the jailed conditions could lead to further medical issues.

The letter states: "It is my professional and medical opinion that the environment [...] will lead to Mr. LaBranche to have more medical problems that cannot be reversed he will get worse and die."

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The sheriff contacted a Dr. Smith, who denied writing the note, adding that he has never seen the patient before.

The doctor said to the sheriff: “This letter [...] is a forged instrument and did not come from my office."
Abney was arrested and says the letter did not come from her. She said she received the letter in the mail and it came from Hillcrest Hospital.

On Thursday, she was charged with forgery and conspiracy to commit a felony and later posted bond. It is unclear whether she has legal representation or if she has entered a plea.

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