Golden Retriever Named Romeo Miraculously Survives 9 Days in Flattened Home After Italy Earthquake

Romeo was left for dead after the Aug. 24 temblor that all but destroyed three towns and killed nearly 300 people.

They're calling him Romeo the Miracle Dog. 

A golden retriever believed to have been killed in the Aug. 24 earthquake that all but leveled three Italian villages emerged into the daylight on Friday with little more than a scratch. 

Even after nine days trapped in the rubble of his home in San Lorenzo a Flaviano, he just shook off the debris and happily greeted his stunned rescuers.

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Romeo was discovered as firefighters dug throught the rubble of a home in search of important personal belongings when they heard him bark for help. 

Thanks to some beams above him, Romeo was unscathed.

Standing by as he scrambled out were Romeo's ecstatic owners, who the pooch ran up to as if the last nine days of horror had never happened.

According to AFP, the owners were asleep, as many were, on their second floor when the quake struck. 

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While they managed to get out, Romeo was on the home's first floor. After a day of searching, was given up for dead.

No human survivors have been found since those who were rescued the day of the quake. 

The death toll of the devasting temblor in believed to be close to 300.

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